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First Call Directory is a different online business directory designed to meet the needs of potential clients searching for local businesses on the internet.

From our research we have established that:

  • People want the businesses they use to be as local as possible.
  • They’d like to know something about the business before they make contact.
  • Value for money and good standards (rather than cut price) are important.

firstcall-flyerSo we’ve put together an All Business online directory which only accepts high quality local businesses which can meet our expectations.

Any local business which is proud of its work should have a page on First Call Directory, but spaces are limited!

We only accept one of any category of business in a postcode district – so there’ll only be one plumber, one dog walker, one translator, etc. in (for example) BB5, NN6, – but there’ll still be choice because we’ll have others in neighbouring postcode districts.

You’ll be on the first (and only!) search page – guaranteed.

Once you’re listed on First Call Directory you can keep out the competition in your neighbourhood because you’ll have first chance annually to renew your position.

Businesses which join us will have a certain kudos – we’re known for only having good businesses on board.

We constantly monitor this too.

There’s an opportunity for your clients to add their own testimonial to your page. We’ll check this for content first before we upload it, and should it be negative we won’t post it, we’ll talk it over with you and hope that you can explain it or make it right with your client.
If we get more than one negative review for a business we’ll remove them from the Directory – we have to maintain our (and your) reputation for high quality businesses.

And another thing, we won’t just take your money and forget about you!

We’ll keep in touch, see if you’d like to add a promotion on your page, change (or add) a picture or two, mention you on our social media pages or on our top of the page slide show.

We’ll also be organising local networking meetings – helping businesses in the same postcode area to help each other.

Above is the flier we’re distributing in your neighbourhood to raise awareness of the Directory (and your business).

Have you seen one yet?

Keep your eyes peeled, we’ve planned several drops of 10,000 each.

We want the householders of Britain to think “I need a _______, I’ll have a look at First Call Directory first because I know they’re all good businesses on there”.

Isn’t that how you want people to think about your business?